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Wherever the mind moves, whether outwards or inwards, God pervades everything, so where else could the mind go?

Lead Trainer
Clemens Biedrawa E-RYT500

Clemens Biedrawa is a dedicated Yoga practitioner and teacher.

He started to practice meditation when he was 16 years old. He graduated from a technical university but then started to approach Yoga more intensely. He completed many different trainings in Yoga. He learned Kundalini Yoga following the lineage of Bhajan and Dhirendra Brahmachari in Europe and Swami Stayananda in India. He also accomplished a RYT 500 hours training in Hatha Yoga from Swami Vidyanand and the master Sanjeev Pandey. In the year 2017 he started to train teachers in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.


Clemens founded the Matsya Kundalini Yoga Academy... If you ask yourself why it is a fish? This is because the fish is innocent, it is pure being. And wherever there is pure being, the heart is close by...

Great Trainer

Naomi Hattler RYT200

Naomi practices Yoga because it is natural for her.

Yoga is effortless because it happens with each breath one breaths.

Live is a miracle and it must be explored. Whoever doesn't practice will never rip the full fruit of live.


Naomi will share her great secret with you. She maybe new in yoga but her soul is not.


Matsya Yoga Academy



Das neue Studio befindet sich im 8. Bezirk im Zentrum von Wien. Wir haben einen schönen Yoga-Raum und alle Einrichtungen, die man für das tägliche Leben braucht. Wir haben eine gut ausgestattete Küche, ein Badezimmer, zwei Toiletten und einen Umkleideraum. Studioklassen können persönlich oder hier gebucht werden.

Die Schüler, die an den Workshops oder Schulungen teilnehmen, können zum Zeitpunkt der Schulung in unserem Studio bleiben. Wir haben keine zusätzliche Gebühr dafür. Im Studio können die Schüler an allen Studioklassen teilnehmen.






“When the worldly wisdom is destroyed, Pratyagatman that is in the Space of the heart obtains Vijnana (true consciousness), diffusing itself everywhere and burns in an instant  the illusions of Jnanamaya and Manomaya. After this, He himself shines always within, like a light within a vessel.”

 - Kundalini Yoga Upanishad - 

“Remaining in the midst of the family, always doing the duties of the house-holder, he who is free from merits and demerits, and has restrained his senses, attain s salvation. The householder practicing Yoga is not touched by sins, if to protect mankind he does any sin, he is not polluted by it.”

 - Shiva Samhita - 

“In everyday life, when one hears oneself saying phrases like ‘I am…’ or ‘this is mine’, seize the opportunity to inquire into what these words refer to. The mind tries to find a referent, but it cannot. Impelled toward the truth by this meditative contemplation, one becomes peaceful.”

 - Vijnana Bhiarava Tantra -